East Dulwich Tabernacle

Baptist Church

An independent reformed baptist church, founded in 1877

107 Barry Road, East Dulwich, London, SE22 0HW

East Dulwich Tabernacle

"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"

Matthew 11:28
Sunday 11am Evangelistic Service
All welcome, specially helpful for new visitors
Sunday 3pm Sunday School and Teenage Bible Class (age 3-16)
Sunday 6pm Teaching Ministry
Monday 7.30pm Prayer Meeting
Wednesday 7.30pm Bible Study
You are invited to services at East Dulwich Tabernacle, an independent reformed baptist church. You will be warmly welcomed to hear the Bible's message clearly explained.

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"The Church that wouldn't die."
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Latest Updates

Wednesday Bible Study . 7th August 2019
Looks at the purpose of the ministry of miracles endowed upon Elisha. Illustrates the gracious gospel picture in the passage; and the solemn warning of judgement for those who reject God, found in the subsequent verses.

Sunday Teaching Ministry . 4th August 2019
This passage defines the contrast between hypocrisy and authentic love (living) for the Saviour.

Sunday Evangelistic Service . 4th August 2019
Where this encounter between the Lord and a needy mother might at first appear as problematic, here it is shown as a useful lesson about faith and the gospel.

Wednesday Bible Study . 31st July 2019

Sunday Teaching Ministry . 28th July 2019
Identifying who is our neighbour and the challenge we face to aspire to reflect the character of God towards others. Encouragement to pray, and to demonstrate the evidence of our faith by works.

Sunday Evangelistic Service . 28th July 2019
Though writing 700 years before Christ the prophet Isaiah revealed much about the coming Saviour. But this verse conveys the certainty of being able to, and the urgency required to seek and find the Lord. He alone reveals true purpose and peace in this life; unlike all other religions and other pursuits in this world.

Wednesday Bible Study . 24th July 2019