East Dulwich Tabernacle

Baptist Church

An independent reformed baptist church, founded in 1877

107 Barry Road, East Dulwich, London, SE22 0HW

East Dulwich Tabernacle

"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"

Matthew 11:28
Sunday 11am Evangelistic Service
All welcome, specially helpful for new visitors
Sunday 3pm Sunday School and Teenage Bible Class (age 3-16)
Sunday 6pm Teaching Ministry
Monday 7.30pm Prayer Meeting
Wednesday 7.30pm Bible Study
All are welcome to join our live services online
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our services are now being broadcast live online. You can attend our services using the Zoom cloud meetings app which can be downloaded free of charge to your phone, tablet or PC.
If you need help to install Zoom, please contact our Pastor on 07342 042405 or email

Please click on the service you would like to attend for access to the broadcast:
Lord's Day Evangelistic Service - Sunday at 11am
The meeting will open from 10.30am to allow for all friends to connect in good time.

Lord's Day Teaching Service - Sunday at 6pm
The meeting will open from 5.30pm.

Midweek Bible Study - Wednesday at 7.30pm
The meeting will open from 7.00pm.

To prevent distractions during the preaching of God's Word, all meetings will be locked approximately 20 minutes after the start of each service.

Having trouble with Zoom? please, Join our live stream service on YouTube.
You are invited to services at East Dulwich Tabernacle, an independent reformed baptist church. You will be warmly welcomed to hear the Bible's message clearly explained.

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"The Church that wouldn't die."
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Latest Updates

Wednesday Bible Study . 3rd June 2020
Every man has an inherent longing to worship, but only the true and living God is worthy of our adoration and praise. We consider how the First Commandment is wilfully broken by unbelievers while even true saints can allow other gods to intrude upon their walk with the Lord.

Sunday Teaching Ministry . 31st May 2020
The apostle Paul urges the Thessalonians to pray that the Gospel - the message of faith - may have free course. He also warns of faithless men who may hinder the Gospel, but points to the faithfulness of God who directs us in the way of His love.

Bible Class . 31st May 2020
Bible Class and Older Sunday School

Sunday Evangelistic Service . 31st May 2020
The words of David in Psalm 4 communicate complete trust in God as the only one who can provide true safety. But what manner of safety does the Lord provide?

Wednesday Bible Study . 27th May 2020
In the first two verses of Exodus 20, there are three features of the Ten Commandments presented to us. These form a vital foundation for a sound understanding of the moral law of God.

Sunday Teaching Ministry . 24th May 2020
Startlingly relevant for these times of global crisis, the Psalms 60 and 61 help us to see God's sovereign hand in all things, and the need to draw near to Christ - our Strong Tower.