East Dulwich Tabernacle

Baptist Church

An independent reformed baptist church, founded in 1877

107 Barry Road, East Dulwich, London, SE22 0HW

East Dulwich Tabernacle

"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest"

Matthew 11:28
Sunday 11am Evangelistic Service
All welcome, specially helpful for new visitors
Sunday 3pm Sunday School and Teenage Bible Class (age 3-16)
Sunday 6pm Teaching Ministry
Monday 7.30pm Prayer Meeting
Wednesday 7.30pm Bible Study
You are invited to services at East Dulwich Tabernacle, an independent reformed baptist church. You will be warmly welcomed to hear the Bible's message clearly explained.

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"The Church that wouldn't die."
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Latest Updates

Sunday Teaching Ministry . 6th January 2019
Explaining the term 'the world', help is given to identify manifestations of worldliness in Christians, and then the remedy (antidote).

Sunday Evangelistic Service . 6th January 2019
The happiness of the Lord's people defined and described by the Word of God. Lasting happiness that makes the passing things of this life pale into insignificance. (What is the recipe for happiness in marriage?) The only way of true happiness in this life and forever is a relationship with God. Why would anyone rationally resist this love of God?

Wednesday Bible Study . 2nd January 2019
From the sublime heights at the end of chapter 8 the apostle descends into sorrow. We then find mention of two distinct Israels. Discover the explanations before viewing the profound and humbling doctrine of grace, whereby the perfectly Holy Creator chose to save lost sinners by bearing the penalty in full Himself.

Sunday Teaching Ministry . 30th December 2018
This age is unique for the abundance of confusion about the Holy Spirit of God. This ministry pinpoints the Bible's description of the person of the Holy Spirit and His unique role within the Holy Trinity. Concludes with the evidences of the Holy Spirit working in the life of a believer, including simple helps for sanctification.

Sunday Evangelistic Service . 30th December 2018
What is the call of God? (Not to be mistaken with the call of man.) Why does God call? Why should we not expect an audible call? Why does God use even our circumstances to call us? Here is encouragement for all and instruction on how to respond.

Tuesday Evangelistic Service . 25th December 2018